Impact of Sleep on Flow States using the Oura Ring

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I’m doing a research study on the impact of sleep on our ability to get into a flow state, the ultimate state of consciousness where you feel your best and perform your best… “in the zone”

I’m doing this work as part of the Flow Research Collective and have just started with a test of the research design with half a dozen participants.

While we did not expect to find statistically significant results from such a small sample, these test subjects provided us an opportunity to test the research design and identify early indications of potential effects in the data.

Interestingly, the data provided early indications of conflicting effects between deep sleep and REM sleep for the experience of flow states.

I’ll share more once we get more data. I’m looking for anyone who has an Oura Ring and would like to learn more about the impact of sleep on flow. Here’s a link to the study and to learn more:

Happy to also answer any questions!