Is anyone using aXbo?

Hi everyone,

Being monitoring my sleep as extensively as I can I started to give a try to aXbo ( recently and was curious if anyone else did?

At this point this aXbo for me is one of the most useless device I have tried.

  • Very little can be controlled/configured and there is barely any explanation on how to use it
  • Most of the data recorded is inaccessible, not even displayed as a summary. It is basically an expensive, fancier alarm clock. To their defense they provide some actigraphic data, which I really appreciate. Not in a raw format but much less polished than any other device.
  • They also provide a sleep onset time but it is the WORST one I have EVER seen. I have been comparing up to 7 devices concomitantly to determine my true onset and thus calculate each device average deviation. Good devices are less than 10 min in average. aXbo is 1.5h off in average (up to 8h off sometimes!!)
  • Cheaply made. Started to show bad wear and tear signs within a few weeks of use.

Overall I am very puzzled by this device and is curious to see if I am missing something here. Or this is just junk.

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I had never heard of it before, but I think it’s really important to have first person testing reports. Thank you for doing this.

What other devices have you tried? I use a sleeptracker watch, which is unfortunately, no longer made. I feel the alarm based on sleep stage has really helped me with sleep inertia. I also have a Gear 24 Sleep Anew. The Axbo is one of the alternatives I have looked into in case my watch breaks. Another is the Morpheuz app (which works with Pebble watches). There are a lot of sleep trackers, but not many that incorporate an alarm based on sleep stages.

I also tried the Withings Aura, but sent it back after 1 night of use.

Why did the Withings Aura go back?

A) It is far too bright
B) I don’t like the imprecise control

I haven’t really tried any device for their sleep stage based alarm so cannot really recommend (or not) one.
aXbo is actually annoying for me as I cannot desactivate the sleep stage based alarm, or even the alarm. Since it is set as a window starting as early as 30 min before the alarm time I setup the alarm time as 30 min later than what I want. Which let’s me use a time based alarm on another device.

Have you consider an app? For example Sleep cycle has a sleep stage based alarm. And there are most likely a few more that do that.
From what I have seen and compared apps are no better or worst than wrist bands.

It was so bad that I actually stopped using it.
I use multiple devices concomitantly to best assess my sleep onset time, so usually the more of them the more accurate that value gets. But aXbo is one of those rare devices (UP4 being another one) that was just useless at that, being correct maybe 10% of the time. The rest of the time the value provided was hours off, at least.