Journalist Looking For Those That Tracked Their Finances!

Hi all,

As the title indicates, I’m a journalist looking for some QSers that have tracked their finances.

For a little more detail, I’m a Money Magazine reporter. I’m delving into ways folks have figured out new tricks to track their finances, spending, etc. in order to save enough to buy something large, like a house. Or Maybe it’s to pay back your college loans. Or develop a strategy to save for retirement.

In particular, I’m wondering if anyone has done something like this in a very brief amount of time. If you were able to turn your finances around in a couple years and buy a home, that’s the type of story I would love to hear.

And in terms of tools for tracking, I’ll be interested from those who simply used Excel, to those that have used new apps or online tools.

If you’re interested in talking about your experience, please email me at