Just want to track hours in bed

I’d like to have hard numbers on how many hours I spend in bed. I nap a lot, sometimes, if able, multiple times a day.

Don’t need to track movement in bed, or “quality”. Just want to have a reliable number for time on the rack.

As a bonus, I do have a spare iPhone 4s that I can devote to this, if that factors in to a recommendation. But it wouldn’t have to be an app per se.

Try sleep cycle as an app on your iphone 4s.

If you want to do more complicated sleep analysis for rem, deep and light sleep you could try
the Basis Watch

The BodyMedia FIT may be the most convenient solution for recording time in bed, as it detects when you are lying down.

Most of the popular tracking gadgets (incl the Fitbit, Jawbone UP and Withings Pulse) can record time in bed with the press of a button, and there are dozens of apps that let you manually record time in bed.

You could try healthstored (disclaimer - I’m the developer). It lets you track your sleep throughout the day, with graphs and reports to go along with it. You can track from the website or from the app (Android only, I’m afraid).

You can also download your data in CSV format if you want to do other things with it.

Hi you could try pknoa!
(disclaimer I’m the developer)
pknoa! uses natural language processing to give you lots of statistics. In your case you could just write something like

6h Sleeping
5h Sleeping yesterday
30min Nap 3pm

This would quantify your sleeps and your naps.
It also has a feature called tags that allows you to group all the activities under the same report.
This is how my business partner uses it, he has a very irregular sleep pattern.
Hope this helps
p.s - intro video on how to use pknoa https://pknoa.com/account/welcome

like I said uses natural language processing. To quantify something you just need to follow this syntax:
unit action time
3h Sleeping yesterday
45min Napping

in truth you can actually use it to track anything
3km Running

Neat! Any plans to support data entry via Twitter (like http://your.flowingdata.com/ ) or SMS? I’ve been thinking about something along those lines, but dealing with typos etc is troublesome.

Glad you like it (spread the word :slight_smile:
We are definitely planning a mobile app for the near future, as well as an API to allow 2 way communications.
So everything is on the table when it comes to new features.
We did our best to abstract things like time or distance so
*90mim workout at the local gym *
is the same as
1.5h workout at the local gym
*1500m running *
is the same as
1.5km running

You can also make up your own units of measurement
5star yoga session

These abstractions with the autocomplete kinda helps with the typos.
There’s quite a bit more features, I you want I’m more than happy to take you trough it.

Yes, and that’s the problem when supporting this kind of thing through Twitter or SMS: The autocomplete is less helpful than in a custom interface.