LeaderAmp - mockup feedback request

Dear Quantified Selfers

I enjoyed meeting many of you in last month’s conference. I’m an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist whose research focuses on individual leader development.

My app uses the latest science, and a new patent-pending approach to measurement to recommend evidence-based actions that will improve people’s odds of developing better leadership. It also allows you to compare your leadership with famous historical leaders (e.g. Gandhi), to help you understand that they weren’t perfect, and still succeeded

I’m revising the GUI to be more professional, but I would very much appreciate constructive criticism over this interactive mock-up.

Thanks in advance


Hi Matt,

I really enjoyed meeting you at the conference. I love that you shared your mockups, that’s a brave and useful thing to do, and to me it increases my confidence in your expertise that you took this risk. I would very much like to improve my leadership skills, but this app wouldn’t win my trust in this rev. It is too game like/sport like, and these are not, for me, the right associations. I also know that in the press of my work I would consider this game like self-rating system to be another time-management burden. While I can see that the type of activities addressed in the app are useful, and very much appreciate seeing leadership in the context of learning, reading and journaling, the expression of success in terms of percentages of goals reached is - for at least - likely to be dispiriting. I wonder if you are attempting to model too much of the training in a single app, and whether a more light approach that aimed to enhance one feature of leadership development would be more easily integrated into daily life. Long term adoption rate for personal development apps is low; most of the tools we try we don’t keep. If I were doing more revs, I’d focus less on UI than use case, benefits, and also costs of use. (By costs, I mean the burden attention and commitment to an external, automated “judge.”)

Hi Gary

I too enjoyed meeting you. And thank you for your constructive, thoughtful feedback. You’ve given me a great deal to consider, and I’ll reflect carefully about how best to incorporate your valuable insights.