Lifelogging / personal journal apps

Hello QS’ers!

I’ve just ran into a recent article on Mashable “9 Lifelogging Apps to Log Personal Data” and was wondering if you tried any of those? if yes, what is your feedback / comments? Any other useful apps for lifelogging?

I’ve tried a few since that article came out. What I’m most excited about is Moves, after they sync the Android app with their website. Some of the other integrations look quite neat.

Chronos is visually quite nice.

I’ve tried Moves, and liked it a lot. I also really love Day One, especially when paired with Brett Terpstra’s Slogger:

I’m also using Moves when I’m planning to do walking, cycling, but it still “eats” battery quickly. And am using STEP Journal to stay aware of my exercise, meetings and quantity of Lindt chocolate consumed :angel: