Lifetrak Zoom Kickstarter (HR, HRV, Sleep Analysis)

Just a heads up on a new product coming out. I work on the algorithms for this device. Aside from the standard heart rate, and activity tracking, it will be able to do HRV analysis for sleep, fatigue, and stress domains. Because it uses optical sensors, it has flexible wear options and will track without the user input.

Lifetrak Zoom Kickstarter

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Also worth mentioning: LifeTrak has a (private) API.

Not sure the claim that this is the first “amphibious” heart rate monitor is accurate (though if you manage, you might be the first to make PPG work underwater).

I like the Follow your heart tagline!

Would be great if you guys can implement a vibrating smart alarm for waking up in the lightest sleep phase around a given time. This is the reason why many users, myself included, have returned the Basis Peak.

Thanks! The smart alarm is definitely something we are working on. There will be a firmware update that will add use HRV to analyse phase of sleep (Basis does not do this) and can give a vibra wakeup like you mentioned.