Light exposure monitoring

Looking for advice on where to buy/find light exposure monitoring tools. Only thing I’ve found so far is

and that’s a touch on the pricey side.

Any ideas?



I didn’t know about these Philips watches - very interesting!

Wow, those price points are VERY high indeed. Why is that do you think? Is it just that they’re not expecting a retail audience and therefore are pricing for medical research which they expect to be able to pay at this level? If this were the case is it an example of a reasonable business model for a niche product or do you think they’re also “taking the piss” a little, expecting that they have a captive (albeit small) audience that will pay whatever the price and are squeezing large margins out of it?

I guess what I’m really interested in … if such a sensor (aka, the light exposure part) were to be introduced to the retail market would it need to be expensive? Devices that do only that would probably always stay niche but in the dawning age of multi-sensor devices for retail audiences maybe this could be packed in with the next MyBasis watch (or that type of product).

My assumption is that its almost all medical research. Found another one in germany , but it’s about E400 so just as high a price point