Low-battery, private, Activity, Time, & Location tracking for iOS

Hello all, my brother and I have been hard @ work over the last few months w/ the launch of our new app Journey.

[Journey - A journal that writes itself.]
Journey is an iOS only app that logs your activity + locations as you go through your day. What’s unique about Journey is:

  • We take ~3% of your battery on a daily basis and the results are pretty accurate;
  • We don’t store any of your data - you keep it to yourself;

We’ve added maps, location tags, automatic time-tracking based on locations, lat/long, and lots of other features that we’re excited about.

We wanted to announce the app here and also thank all the members that have contributed with their feedback and patience.

Team Journey

This app looks very nice!

From where do you get the place names? Foursquare?

Can the app export data? Location data provides valuable context to your other QS data (I’m currently using the Moves app on Android).

I became interested in this topic so I contacted Journey, which is now called “Where Have I Been?” The answer is yes, you can export your data. I’m going to try it…