Measurement of instincts through personal finances. Personal driving forces of behavior

General monitoring and analysis of life behavior. Ethogram.
Financial Ethogram.

Old project

The beginning of 2009.

Dissatisfaction with my life.

Objective of the project:
Understand the foundations of my behavior in the context of the environment and the trends of your life, predict the result and understand what can be changed.

Project tasks:

  1. To study the basics of human behavior.

  2. Make tools for measuring patterns of behavior:

  • computer program;
  • tables of exel and google table;
  • change the structure of accounting in the program of personal accounting.
  1. To measure patterns of behavior in a during few months.

  2. Determine the current life trends and predict the results.

  3. Conduct an analysis of life errors.

  4. Determine the possibility of managing my behavior Primaticity (rationality - instinctiveness) by the author Anatoly Protopopov.

  5. Determine the influence of external interventions on the formation of patterns my behavior.

  6. Understand what can still be improved and which patterns can no longer be corrected.

  7. Set a plan for priority training to change patterns method BJ Fogg.

Methods of execution:

  • search for information on the topic and study;
  • programming and manufacturing tools;
  • measurements;
  • analysis of the results.


  1. Computer program “Assistant”.
  2. Tables exel and google tables
  3. The structure of accounting in the personal accounting program AbilityCash has been changed.

1. Behavior analysis program for Windows
year 2009

An ethogram is a catalogue or inventory of behaviours or actions exhibited by an animal used in ethology.

A program for analyzing human behavior and self-tracking behavior.
Calculation of the most basic life programs (patterns), trends and expected results of life.
The program allows you to better understand and clarify your own behavior and the behavior of other people.
The program is based on scientific research, but is not a scientific product.
A unified scientific theory of human behavior does not yet exist and it will not be soon.
The purpose of the program is orientation in people’s behavior.


Compatibility Windows XP, Windows 7
Language Russian, English
Developer Michael Vitman
Portable. Does not require installation.


Instinct-Based Behavior Patterns
Basic human instincts calculated in the program:

  1. Food instinct
  2. The instinct of reproduction.
  3. Aggressive instinct
  4. The instinct of knowledge (search for information)
  5. Territorial instinct.
  6. Parental instinct.
  7. Domination instinct (social rank).
  8. The instinct of self-preservation.
  9. The instinct of freedom.
  10. Instinct of altruism (Not specified)

Viral behavior programs (artificial)

Extraction of vital resources by a hired worker.

Starting life resources and finishing resources.

These modules are quite enough to calculate a person’s life, predict trends and results.
Calculations are made according to samples based on accounting for personal finances.

The behavior model is simplified.
The program lacks essential blocks that strongly affect behavior:
State training of people in a given country;
Socio-economic environment of existence in the region;
Life risk management.

Main sources used:

BJ Fogg Article Method and Behavior Model
Oleskin A.V. Biopolitics: Polit. the potential of modern biology: philosophy., politol. and pract. aspects / Textbook.-method. ob-nie high fur boots of Russia, Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov. - M., 2001. - 423 from Russian.
Anatoly Protopopov, Alexey Vyazovsky Human instincts. An attempt at description and classification. Russian language
Nanoeconomics Kleiner G.B. Nanoekonomika Russian language
V.R. Dolnik Ethological tours of the forbidden gardens
Toffler Alvin Future Shock.
Academician I.P. Pavlov about the Russian mass mind Nobel lecture 1918 Russian language
Konrad Lorenz Aggression


2. General template in tables.
These tables will be supplemented.

Behavior analysis en (1).xlsx


Easy version with limited functionality.
3. Later, I just reconfigured a free personal accounting program AbilityCash and used it.

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