Measuring Karma

Hi guys,

I am currently trying to quantify various aspects of my life, including my personal impact on the world (yeah, i know, sounds humble). One of the things I am attempting to track is karma (by karma I mean altruistic behavior). I discuss approach to quantifing karma here

Would love to hear your feedback and suggestions! Perhaps, someone already thought about this, and has a different way to measure karma?

Thanks a lot!



Personally I wouldn’t measure karma. Doing so is abstracting away from reality, when (IMHO) you should be paying more attention to reality. On some level all of QS has this problem, but it is worthwhile if we can get useful information from the data to improve our lives. This seems rather extreme on the abstraction scale, and I’m not sure what useful information we get out of it.

If I were to measure karma, I wouldn’t do it that way. To me, karma is cause and effect. You’re measuring the cause, but I think the effect is the more important part of the equation. Of course it’s also much harder to measure.

If I remember right Alexandra used to have a goal of helping at least 10 people every day.
After a while she scratched it, because it produced to much stress.

Having strict rules somehow goes against the desire of helping others for the purposes of helping others.

If I were to measure karma I would use more New Age methods to do it. Muscle testing would be worth a try. It gives you information from your unconsciousness that doesn’t have all the problems of the stress of making conscious rating decisions.