Media scientist looking for Scandinavian self trackers

Dear QS,
I’m writing because I’m currently working on my Masters thesis in media science at the University of Aarhus in Denmark. The focus of my thesis is “self tracking” in a wider, phenomenological sense. As the project is media scientific my offset as the theory of mediatization – ie. how the use of media influences our individual as well social behaviour.
At this point in my research I’m working with exercise communities using Endomondo – a Danish based gps-tracking tool. However, I would very much like to broaden my scope to examine other forms of self tracking and the communities surrounding such activities. This is why I’m writing you guys.

I’m wondering whether you know of any self tracking communities in my Scandinavian part of the world that might have an interest in offering me some insight into their routines and reflections on both their personal and communal activities of self tracking?
If I could even convince you to forward this message to at least parts of your vast network, I would be absolutely thrilled.
Finally, I would very much like to hear – possibly through an interview via Skype – the motivations behind QS, your thought on the present environment of self tracking and future predictions.

As I am merely a student I have no way of compensating participants – also in the name of science this would seem unethical. However, any participants will of course be anonymized should they wish to, and the insights of the study – the final thesis – is of course up for grabs for anyone interested.

I hope you’re able to give me a hand. Any help is much appreciated.
I look forward to hearing from you.