Medication management and reminder app

Hi all.

I have developed a medication reminder application CeyHello. It helps you keep log of your medications and pills on a daily basis routine. Not just you, it also allow your family members to keep track of your daily medications. Also allow you to keep your medical records on cloud, so that can be accessed any time required.

Available on both IOS and android platform. Do review.

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Interesting app. I’ll give it a whirl. I’m just starting an experiment where I’m randomizing which supplements I take, and this might be useful.

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Can you export a list of the exact times you took which medications/supplements? Currently using a general-purpose tracking app for that, but this app might be worth a look…

Yes, sure. Go ahead and review it. I am confident you will find it better than the current application your are using.

Thanks for reviewing it Steve. It will work as per your requirements. Good luck. :slight_smile: