“Mi Model”… new generation tool for tailored weight-loss calculations

Am interested to hear about the experiences of any of you/others who have downloaded and tried the just announced/introduced Mi Model… a new tool for “tailored” energy/weight calculations.
I guess as consumers we’ve come to expect customization in more and more of the things we buy, and now it is happening in health. Finally !!!
Indeed (as advertised), Mi Model did provide more precise weight-loss predictions FOR ME. But, as I said, I am looking to hear how well it has worked for others (for confirmation).

In contrast to the energy balance equation—the one-size-fit-all “magic” rule that translates a 3,500 kcal energy deficit to a pound of weight-loss—Mi Model allowed me to more accurately predict the tapering-off in weight-loss (even as I maintained my diet); the composition of lost tissue (Fat Mass versus Fat Free Mass); and compare two different weight-loss strategies (dieting or exercising).

That’s certainly not my mother’s one-size-fits-all energy balance calculator—where sticking to a particular energy deficit would be projected to induce the same amount of weight loss day in and day out, for everybody, and irrespective of how that deficit is induced (diet or exercise).

You can probably tell I AM VERY EXCITED about this new tool. But I am looking for validation/confirmation before I recommend it to our group and local school.

It is provided as LabP: Predicting Weight Loss. I found a turn-key version of the software (in a ready to run “package”) is available for download/is offered by ISEE Systems at: http://www.iseesystems.com/softwares/LabP.aspx

Here is an attachment of (and also a link to) a pdf flyer on “Mi Model”… explaining what it does… and what it looks like: