Most important measurements to take daily? noob


I’m new to the forum. I am curious about starting to record general health data about myself, but am unsure where to start.

I’ve heard a bit about heart rate and temperature but what do you consider the most important measurements to take on a daily basis that could be valuable information to take to the doctor or evaluate on my own?


It’s good to know what your normal range for certain measurements is. A sudden, unexpected loss of weight, or change in your resting heart rate (or, better, your heart rate recovery rate) could be a sign of a problem, and something a doctor would want to know about. Your body usually lets you know when something is off, but it’s good to be able to give a doctor some specifics other than “I’m not feeling so good”.

There no one size fits all solution. The more time I spent in QS the more I think that it’s important to focus on variables that you actually care about.

I am new to “formal” self quantifying also. I’ve tracked information about myself for a long time, mostly on paper, but never thought of it in this context. Lately I’ve started to play around with apps and devices. It’s all very confusing as there are so many of them. To start with, I’m focusing on logging what I eat. I have a sweet tooth and hope that by having to log every muffin and every piece of candy, I may be able to get control of it. I’m logging steps as well, hoping for the same motivational force.