Music's effect on Movement

Attached is data covering every song I’ve ever scrobbled with and the last year or so worth of data from my fitbit. I have more data than I have time. Whatever your motivations (for I can provide none), feel free to discover which songs get me moving. A prototype is fantastic, a service which leverages the fitbit and apis, all the better. If you want to get fancy, I’m happy to authorize my related accounts to use your app.

Alternate challenges:
Have a chuckle at the fact that I have the musical tastes of a 15 year old girl.
Scowl at my willingness to void my privacy rights by posting this data to an open forum.
Puzzle out when I have forgotten to wear my fitbit vs when I have been sitting on my duff.

Bill Schuller

Looking at the daily step count. Are these totals for the whole day, or did you only wear the Fitbit while you were listening to the music? If they are totals for the whole day, it may be hard to tease out music-related dancing among other daily activities, unless your day-to-day activities are pretty consistent?

Yeah. Just realized that. I’ll see what I can get with the export function. Otherwise I will need to go through the API.

Bill, I have access to the intraday (1min level) api and can start downloading your data via google spreadsheets. I think that would be helpful for the song/movement correlational analysis.

Should I send you instructions on how to set it up and share with Chloe and I?

Absolutely. The official API does not support Intraday stats, but there are several methods to extract the data using the same feeds that the FitBit site uses to graph the data. Google Spreadsheet sounds easier than using the unofficial Perl or Python APIs I had set my eyes on.

Wow, awesome, Bill! Would you be willing to write up a guest QS blog post on your data once you’ve charted it, to share what you learned?

Absolutely Alex!

I tried one of the unofficial Python API offerings and it doesn’t seem to work anymore. I imagine that FitBit has upgraded their graphing component or something. Didn’t get too far in debugging it. @e_ramirez - if you can provide instructions for intraday extraction, I can extract. Also, if you just need my sid, userid, etc, I can happily provide that.

Oops, I did not get notified there were new posts to this thread, so I’m just getting caught up.

Fitbit does have an intraday API; they just released it on a case by case basis to some people (I’m using it for my research app - visualizing Fitbit data using abstract art), so it can be done. Hopefully we’ll hear back from Ernesto soon, and I can start making some data viz :slight_smile: