My Phone and Me

Are you addicted to your phone?

The My Phone and Me app helps you to monitor your phone usage and how you interact with mobile notifications. The app shows you an avatar that tells you how addicted you currently are to your phone. Additionally, it shows statistics about the amount of time the phone has been used, most used apps and which apps trigger most notifications. You can also visualise your phone activities based on different criteria, such as your hourly phone usage, hourly usage of individual apps and how much you interact with notifications.

The My Phone and Me app has been developed by researchers at the University of Birmingham and University College London as part of a research project to study interruptions caused by mobile notifications. We’re looking for participants to contribute to our study by responding to the questionnaires triggered by the My Phone and Me app. The app will trigger 4 simple questionnaires per day for randomly selected notifications. The study will only run for 7 days. If you use an Android phone, please help us out by participating in the study.

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Thanks in advance!

Is it available for Windows phone?

Sorry, currently it is available only for Android phones.

Interesting. How does it differentiate from another app mentioned in the forum, BreakFree?