My review of Statwing, awesome tool for analyzing quantified-self data

My review of Statwing, an awesome tool for analyzing your quantified-self data Has anyone else tried it? Would love to hear your about your experience with it!

Analytics just became personal! Can you express your everyday life in numbers? Can you improve your life by turning it into a series of games and experiments? Follow my personal “Measured Me” experiment to find out:

I’ve only played with it a bit but I’m excited that one of the demos was QS data.

If you’re interested in easy statistical analysis and you’re also on a Mac check out the newly-released Wizard:

The demo video is worth watching. :slight_smile:

Hi Beau,

Wow, that looks impressive, thank you! I am not a Mac person, but will check it out! If you have a blog I could post a link to your review, or perhaps, you could write a guest post on my blog?