Need all data

I am needing to meet with my cardiologist soon, and what I really want to do is to compile all data, in other words, every single reading of my heart rate from the health app, into a file to show him. I don’t just want the average for an hour, but want to show everything, and ideally be able to sort the results. It doesn’t look like I can do this with the QS Access App. Any other solutions?

Are the readings more or less continuous (e.g. from an Apple watch), from periodic workouts (e.g. from a chest strap), or sporadic (one or more manual measurements per day)?

Is the visualization in the Health app itself sufficient?

You might be able to use the Hipbone app to export all the data points, but you’d need to figure out how to process the files (JSON)…

All readings are from my Apple Watch, which I wear almost all day, except when I am in the shower (sometimes I even wear it there) or when it needs to charge).