[New App] - WeJourn

Hi all,

WeJourn just launched at QS2017 Amsterdam and now we’re excited to share it with the online QS community.

Android / Apple

What is it?
WeJourn is a platform for users to choose, track, share and succeed in a variety of personal journeys. The app provides meaningful user insights and recommendations based on data from connected devices, daily pulse surveys, as well as crowd-based insights.

WeJourn is a growing platform with current integrations via Fitbit and Jawbone … with several other platforms coming soon. Your feedback and suggestions are very much welcome … for example, both our Freestyle tracking and Excel-friendly data export features were recent additions based on user feedback @ QS17.


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I am a tech author, and I write a lot about health gadgets. So, I am probably going to try this app, see what it does, and then write a review about it.

However, I need to know whether that would be okay. Or, will I be violating your terms?


Of course. PM me after you get exposed to the app and I can answer any questions you may have or provide context for where the platform is headed. In my QS talk I demonstrated a Machine Learning concept which is a feature in our near-term roadmap that might be of interest.

I downloaded and have started using the app. So far, one bit of negative feedback I have for you is that the app asks the same questions multiple times if you are on more than one journey. I’d suggest asking inly the new questions during each session of entry.

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for trying it out and for the feedback! Coincidentally our most recent update yesterday removed the duplicate questions (along with the title slides). Let us know if there are any other improvements or journeys that you’d like to see.