New iOS App for goal setting and choice tracking

Hello all!

ChoiceTracker is now available for free on the iOS App Store for iPhone and iPad:

This is my first iOS App and I’ve got many more features I’d like to add to this in future versions. Do you have any feedback, suggestions or feature requests? Please reply here or email me at choicetrackerapp at gmail dot com. Please also check it out on twitter:

Hello Matthew!

The app looks great so far. I’ve got a feature proposition. Maybe instead of choosing only one goal to track during the day, it would be possible to track the day as a whole and by pressing + (plus) or - (minus) you could add a short note like ‘tv’ or ‘food’ or whatever else. So that when you look on results after export you see which things got you distracted and when it happened. It would perhaps give a broader view of where you win or loose during the day.

Hello Timur! Thank you for the feedback. You’ve uncovered something I hope to do in an update or possibly a companion app. I really like the idea and see it essentially as a lightweight “choice journal.” The interface will require some tweaking but I think my data model can handle this change without much work. I’m a high school teacher on the verge of winter break and I may have a little time to mess with this. Would you be interested in beta testing it for me?

Sure thing! I have just actually found a similar app about choice making. Haven’t tried it but it yet but it has the feature I have proposed in my post. You can find the app here: