New Website (private beta) - Behavior prediction based on personality data

Hey Everyone,

Long time lurker, and thought you might find what I’m working on interesting.

My name is Peter and over the last year we made an app that can give you results about your behavior grounded in personality psychology. We’re currently developing a set of features to track drift in personality and adult development over time, but the baseline version is complete. It is an updated Big5 personality assessment that outputs percentiles where you fit in terms of the five main traits (Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, and Neuroticism). It also generates results based on 30 total facets in those 5 categories. At the facet level, it can generate a potential 8x10^36 overall unique results, simply meaning that it is highly likely that your results are extremely unique to you. In terms of hard science, it’s highly reliable and valid. Our reliability is around .87 (You could think of that it’s accurate within 13% variance).

If you are interested, I can send the link if you’re willing to give me feedback on how to improve it. If you’re not interested, then thanks for reading anyways!


NOTE: We make money by selling a professional development course to large businesses that comes with the assessment, which I am not advertising or discussing here. The website for the assessment is not publicly available and I will send it privately if anyone wants to try it out.

EDIT: I realize the audience here is small enough that it’s not going to create meaningful problems for us to surface the link at the top level: Helpful self-reflection - YOUniverse by Sophonaut

If you take the test, I would appreciate candid feedback. So far feedback from the community here has been very helpful!

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Hi Peter,

I am looking for something to help categorize the personalities of chronic pain patients with the aim in helping psychologists in therapy. I have to collect data, but it would be interesting to see if such a tool could help. What do you think? Marc mmathys gmail

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I’d love to check them out!

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I would enjoy checking out your website as well. Thank you for posting.

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How are you tracking user behavior?

We also have an app that takes information from online activity, Event logs, etc, and allow a user to interpret it for themselves. That’s not the end goal, though. We are actively seeking domain experts and other professionals to help build on using an Extension model. It will help researchers leverage information from users without encroaching on privacy or hiring an entire development team to build something already existing.

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There you go!
Thanks for checking it out

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Here’s the link. I guess everyone in the thread can check it, I don’t think that too many folks will so it won’t overwhelm the system. Thanks for checking it out!!

We’re not really! We have google analytics set up, but this is a self reported assessment that users can view their own calculated data. We don’t look at user data without their permission.

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I think we should talk, I’ll email you right now

Here are some of my first impressions

  1. Personally I feel like the test is too stark.
  2. The icons are sort of stupid imho.
  3. They look cheap.
  4. It looks better at the smaller size, so I’d suggest limiting to that size window myself.
  5. There’s a lot of questions. Seems like you should have some kind of indicators as to how much is left, or how many questions, or something.
  6. Seems like having some kind of way to correct an answer would be good maybe a back button
  7. The end should have an ending screen
  8. basically it all depends on how accurate your assessment is. The test itself is pretty vanilla.

OK, @Dr_John’s feedback makes me want to try it, too.

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Yeah, anyone here with the link feel free to take the assessment! Helpful self-reflection - YOUniverse by Sophonaut works as well. I’d love feedback from you as well @Agaricus, if you’re happy to provide it.

Thanks for the feedback! I would guess you are high in straightforwardness :smiley:.

I feel like the test is too stark.

Could you elaborate? Would you prefer it to have more decoration and color?

The icons are sort of stupid imho.
They look cheap.
It looks better at the smaller size, so I’d suggest limiting to that size window myself.

We have mixed feedback on this; I appreciate the datapoint. Since we’re dealing with such a broad population, sometimes I feel our design panders to the mean instead of choosing a strong opinion.

The end should have an ending screen

Yeah, good idea!

basically it all depends on how accurate your assessment is. The test itself is pretty vanilla

Good points, accuracy is two parts: 1) the test takers mentality and 2) is hidden in how we key the actual results. The normalization happens behind the scenes where you’re really answering the same question multiple times in different ways to determine a moving average.

Over time we want to gather more data from a longer time series. This ties into the “there’s a lot of questions” comment, which is to say it would be better to spread them out over time. As I mentioned, the actual measured “accuracy” across the entire dataset could be thought of as 87%. Meaning it’s not really going to change more than 13% if you take it again barring retester liability.

This is a useful but technically inaccurate statement. It is more correct to say that it measures what it intends to measure the large majority of the time, which can be a proxy for accuracy. It is highly reliable in many directions and valid due to the factor analysis that led to the initial attributes measured.