Newbie from UK

Hi, As a newbie here I thought I’d better introduce myself. I’m Dave (55) from the UK and have been interested in health tracking for a while. For most of my life health and fitness has taken a back seat but during the last few years I’ve made a real effort to lose weight and get much fitter. Running through my current tech I monitor weight and BMI with a Withings smart scales, activity and sleep with a Fitbit Charge, blood pressure with Qardio BP monitor, monitor heart rate whilst exercising using a Polar chest band and the Polar App. I also suffer from sleep apnoea and so my sleep is monitored using my Resmed CPAP machine and MyAir app. Rather than collating all the data together (such as HealthKit ) I prefer using individual apps.

My current challenge is to automate the monitoring of cholesterol, blood glucose and haemoglobin. I have a hand held monitor but haven’t found a suitable App to collate data. Any suggestions would be helpful. I’m also fascinated with the concept of life logging but haven’t started looking into this yet.

I’d love to chat to anyone with similar interests and am really pleased to have found QS.

Dave Hawkins