Non-wrist heart rate monitor with memory

Any recommendations on a non-wrist based heart rate monitor that has built in memory?

My goal here is to track my heart rate during the day, and the chest solutions I’ve seen all depend on a watch, or your phone being powered on and live to record the data. Ideally it would record locally, and I could do periodic bluetooth or USB syncs to get the data off.

There’s the Zephyr BioHarness, and Hexoskin. Or, if cost isn’t an issue, the MC10 BioStamp.

I use Zephyr BioPatch and have been very happy with it. It’s essentially same device as the Bioharness but uses ECG electrodes instead of strap which I find more comfortable for all day use. They are hard to find though and may require a prescription if you buy through “official” reseller. They were available on Ebay for a while for about $200 but I haven’t seen it listed recently.