OP Innovations sensors

Hello folks. I have been lurking for a while, but felt like I should make a few posts regarding my experiences with some sensors and apps.

I ordered two sensor kits from one of our group members who owns OP Innovations. I got the True Sense kit and the Relax Kit. I had been having trouble with installing ZeoScope and figured that for $50, I couldn’t go wrong.

It turns out that these sensors from OPI are excellent. You can tell when someone is an engineer who cares. They work as advertised right out of the box. The apps are really very, very good and collect ECG, EOG, EMG and EEG -as well as motion and several other things I haven’t gotten to yet. I have barely scratched the surface after a week.

Additionally OPI provides SDK’s for the apps, in Linux, OSX, Raspberry Pi, and windows. I am not a coder, but all of this has convinced me to start learning some coding and to delve into Arduino and Ras. Pi. If you want to explore a ton of your biometrics, this is truly THE stuff to own.

I have a melon headband coming, two Zeo units, sveral chest straps, a basis B1, and have been capturing EEG and ECG data for a while. I trued it up with the OPI devices and everything matches. this is a serious breakthrough.

FWIW, I have to connection to OPI at all. I am just a geeky Buddhist with a long running passion for this stuff. I love it when something exceeds expectations and wanted to share. If anyone has questions about any of the above, feel free to ping me.


I have recently purchased a True Sense kit myself, but am somewhat at lost in how i should be using it. At the moment, I’m interested in using it as a Zeo and track my sleep quality. Can you give me some pointers in how you would achieve that?

thanks in advance!

Sure thing. Using the OP as EEg is as simple as wearing it on your forehead. However translating this into sleep stages is not easy. At least I could find no easy way to do it. It can be done, I just haven’t done it because the Zeo works so well for me.

I have a zero mobile and a Zeo bedside. Both automatically provide sleep stage graphs. You can get a Zeo ion eBay. You don’t need to do anything to get them set up unless you want to see the raw data, in which case you need to install the Zeoscope app. This is very cool, but not necessary.

I you do want to install Zeoscope let me know and I will try to help you get it installed. You need to compile some Python scripts so it is not that easy.

Thanks. I will look into that… Can I ask what kind of things are you doing with your true sense kit then if not sleep tracking? Just want to get some ideas on how others are using the unit.


I ordered the OP trueness stuff when I was unable to get zeoscope working. I have both the EEG and ECG senses from OP. As it turns out, raw EEG data is impossible to read unless you are trained in it. I played around with the ra EEG data for a while and tried a host of software to view it. But then I got the zeorawdata library compiled properly on my windows machine and I got distracted from the OP sensors. It turns out that the interpreted data from Zeo is just much easier to use and Zeoscope is by far the best analysis tool I have seen.

Also the OP sensors don’t hold up to what I put them through. I broke one already. I have learned a bit of Arduino and am playing around with developing my own platform.

But first I want to merge the data from the Zeo, Hexskin, Neuma watch and Athos pants into one database. I am currently working with a coder and setting up the python script to call the data from the API’s. I have Hexoskin done. If I pull this off, I will probably not need any other devices. Although I am getting a test unit of the BioRadio soon which has all of the sensors on one portable unit. It might be overkill though.

Frankly, zero did a hell of a job. They just got their business model wrong. They are local and I hear that they made a few miscalculations in the business model. Too bad because they did the device so right.