OSCAR --Outcome-based System for Consequence Analysis & Recommendations

Hi, thanks for sharing your reaction, Marc. I hear you, but you know, if we’re not going to give each other this type and quality attention offline, we’re not going to do it online. We have tp provide online space dedicated to it and to programs. Later, I’ll pull you up and learn more abou your focus is. The wonderful thing about QS is, everyone here is trying to accomplish something, one way or the other. Your analysis is excellent. My brain isn’t what it used to be :grin::laughing::joy: yet it is so enjoyable to TRY to think about new ideas, processes strategies. Every brain on Earth, from birth, if safe, thirsts to think.

I swear!! So, I didn’t know I could respond in email, always thot I had to sign in. Nice!!


This is a very interesting line of work.
I spent many years on such analysis and tools making.
Programs Life Navigator, Assistant …
Questionnaire Quest Life.
Objective data about your life, habitat and forecast of the results of your actions.
I will provide all the information if you are interested.
Just keep in mind that such knowledge can be very harmful.
You can lose all illusions.


  1. Technically, this task is quite feasible and government organizations are successfully coping with it.
  2. Everything is limited by the fact that human animals are boundedly rational.
    You can know everything you need, but act irrationally.
    Knowledge is one thing, behavior is quite another. And this knowledge will bring you only negative emotions.

Your plan will probably work on short term goals up to 1 year, maybe medium term.

Good educational game.

To your actions I would add:

  • Met resistance;
  • Random important events.
    The onset of risks.

These factors can nullify all your actions on the way to the goal.

Have you taken this method as a basis?
Observational Skill-based Clinical Assessment tool for Resuscitation (OSCAR): Development and validation

© Worth Consulting 2002

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This sounds great! Would you be interested in getting a head start on your development work?

Our nonprofit built a web and companion mobile app to help people track goals and goal adherence and derive unbiased insights from their data.

We’re working towards an extension library where outside developers and analysts can make their ideas come to fruition without having to build a comprehensive end-to-end interface, work with authentication/single sign-on, deal with integrations like environmental data, health syncs from Apple/Google/Fitbit, and other external data sources.

We are doing this as a nonprofit to motivate people to focus more on the data than the software development. To learn more about the software, please visit our website to see the platform [LLIF Software Use Cases - Live Learn Innovate Foundation].

Let me know if you’d like to set up a conversation with our technical team about how to develop an extension instead of starting from scratch.

Best of luck with your efforts!

Very cool. How do you avoid the sensitization issues that took Pear down?

What do you mean, specifically? Do you have links to what Pear used to be? I’d love to address the question given more background.

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Thanks for that link!

LLIF software is not therapy software. It’s a self-driven data aggregator that combines features of many popular apps and allows users to consolidate their data lakes found across multiple data providers. What you do with your data is your choice once you’ve consolidated it. LLIF software doesn’t tell you anything that isn’t based on the math behind your data.

For instance, our trend analysis engines only report correlations based on the data you enter. Examples of trend reports could be “you log ‘headaches’ when the barometric pressure changes by 10%” or “you’ve kept to your goal schedule 95% of the attempts made.”

If there’s a contributor who decides to build an extension like I mentioned in this thread above, that developing contributor would need to manage the terms of use and liabilities themselves. However, all user information remains anonymized in transition between the extension and the data storage. I’m not a technical expert, but for more details about how that can be done I’m happy to connect you with our founder, Jim French. He is much more equipped to answer the technical side of this.

Our platform is meant to hold and protect the data used for the analysis, never changing ownership from the individual who generates/creates that data. Like any nonprofit, if the community does not continually support the presence of our organization, then it will dissolve. The data is then destroyed. It is considered a donor-related asset. It cannot change hands under federal law. We certainly don’t plan on breaking the law either.

If we fail as a nonprofit and cannot sustain community support, the user data is deleted, instead of sold, like what happens to private companies and corporations. If we fail, we plan on making the original code that built the software open-source, instead of letting all the time and effort go to waste. It is the best method of protecting people’s data long-term that is available to us as a US-based NPO.

For further information about who we are, what we do now, and what we plan to do, please check out our ‘master plan’ on our website!

I hope that helps answer your “what if you fail like Pear” question, and if I misinterpreted it please let me know.

Confused. Is this for personal data? I work at a University pain clinic with patient data. Marc

what do you mean by this?

How will you detect dependence between two time series? ML techniques like random forest I presume but how will you make features out of them? Finding relations between variables in time series - Personal Science Wiki

Are these the right indicators for your site?

No, those numbers don’t match our analytics at all. I am curious how they got to such an incorrect representation of visitor analytics. It could be a lack of control for bot crawlers.

Here’s how they claim they gather the data.

It doesn’t seem reliable and has proven inaccurate when researching competitors in my prior roles.

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Public detailed annual reports of NGOs on their activities significantly increase trust and close many questions from potential participants.
Unfortunately, such NGO reports are rare.
Many organizations are not transparent and often bluff :frowning:

We do our best to provide financial reports and transparency!

You can find our financial reports online here (Financial Reports - Live Learn Innovate Foundation).

We also keep our Candid/Guidestar profile available here (Live Learn Innovate Foundation - GuideStar Profile) fully updated to provide that information to the public.

Further, if you want to find more information from the IRS directly, you can search our EIN on this website directory to find more. Unfortunately, their search does not allow me to link directly to our nonprofit, so you’ll have to enter the EIN (82-5300524) from here (https://apps.irs.gov/app/eos/).

If there’s more you may be seeking, please let me know. I can make sure that information is readily available.


Thank you. I have looked at all links.
I did not find the Annual Activity Report on the website.
I just want to understand everything in detail.

Thank you for the input! I’ve since brought up the desire and frankly need for an annual activity report for our nonprofit. I’ll also discuss the topic with our board during our meeting next week.

Hopefully, soon, I can come back to you with a link to it!

Though its certainly less formal, it may be helpful to subscribe to our newsletter where I personally send updates on our progress and activity to subscribers and donors. It’s no obligation, but you may find it helpful.


It is very likely that your decision is correct.
Discuss this issue with the board.
Fund financial statements are a legally required formality for foundations.
The activity report is for audience engagement and is very important.

I assume that potential clients - will not read your financial statements.
Most users do not have the qualifications and desire to understand them.

I have no doubts about your professionalism.
You will complete the assigned tasks.
I have been subscribed to your newsletter for a long time and I even read it carefully :slight_smile:

Now I see the fund is making some progress, app downloads have doubled in a few months.

Wish you luck.

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I’ve indeed noticed the best, or most robust resources are diagnostic etc. My main anticipated diffiulty is

  1. As as n increases in t+n the effect will proliferate and in some cases amplify others diminish. My solution right now is to examine categories of actions and categories of outcomes.

  2. Dataset size: will need to augmented by known be by avior outcome relations, which will alter the distribution of parameter weights but some shift can be recovered

  3. Interest. With it being a personal system, I suspect difficulty finding open source developers.

Any suggestions?



How do you define this? I think that the system should be useful from most perspectives.

  • One could use it on their own data for any robust action outcome analysis.
  • it could augment the analysis case you mention
  • No proprietary data will be used for training
  • licence has yet to be determined.

I’ve got 4 of us (2 math PhDs, a statistician MS , and economist PhD ) involved in architectural decision making but there some practical challenges that will take some personal investment and lower level programming that will be bottlenecks but which I think can be overcome


My proposals are simple.

Only if you personally do it for yourself.

I warn you that I am not an expert in the field of big data, and the qualifications in the field of programming are very low at the Junior level.

  1. Refusal of big data and fashion methods in relation to yourself.

There are examples when a highly qualified specialist programmer spent 4 years of life on the analysis of a large array of data about himself
And he did not receive any useful information.
He publicly refused to continue the experiments.

Processing a large amount of data makes sense only for state structures and corporations with assets from several billion dollars.
Here they are strong.

Just think, you want to throw out a few years of life to get the result zero.
For entertainment, this is a good activity.

  1. Your tool can even be one text file and does not need Obsidian.md.

  2. In my opinion, your approach may work under certain conditions.
    The goal is a very narrow and specific achievement period for several months.
    The number of experiment participants from 250 people.
    For this short time, you can neglect the risks their probability will be small.
    You can calculate the standard for one specific purpose in a short period of time.
    This is a sample application of the method in intensive care. Here other risks do not take into account.

  3. The method of Fogg from the University of Standford deserves attention.
    Look, if not difficult.

Fogg Behavior Model

  1. In general, you need to study human biology.
    The secret of all methods is not in technology, but knowledge of human nature.

However, this is my vision and I have the right to make a mistake :slight_smile:

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Category of actions and the category of results.
About 12 years ago, I conducted a discussion with friends in a Livejournal on this subject.
These records are deleted.

We counted about 200 typical common patterns of behavior (patterns) in human life.
In practice, 20-30 templates are usually used.
These templates were entered into the database and sorted.
The database has been preserved.
It can be freely downloaded here


The choice of goals.

People very often choose erroneous or false long -term goals.
The consequences are catastrophic for their life.
How you plan to assess your goals?

For such an assessment, you need to understand the trends in the development of the world and yours territria and predict the state of habitat for 25 years in advance.
Perhaps here your knowledge of big data will be useful.
The manual processing and comprehension of such a large array of data , requires many years of life.

See this topic and these materials.
They can give you food for thought.
I do not impose and I know that it is very low in demand and monetization.
For personal use only.
Those who understand this are already very rich and influential, and we fed with illusions, thought for a long time, studied for a long time and late for the holiday of life :slight_smile:
All decisions lay in a different area of activity, and we did even understand and lost our life.

Measurement of instincts through personal finances. Personal driving forces of behavior

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