PhD partial scholarships in Human Geography at Staffordshire University

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We currently have available two PhD partial scholarships in Human Geography here at Staffordshire University. Details can be found below. Please pass this information on to any students who you think may be interested in applying.

Partial scholarships are normally 3-5 years in duration, with fees paid in return for 6 hours of undergraduate teaching per week (except in the first and last semester). Financial support will be provided for up to one conference per year, as well as some support for consumables/travel. Scholarships would be based at the Staffordshire University Science Centre in Stoke-on-Trent.

Two scholarships are available in the following general areas of work:

Partial Scholarship 1: The mobile technologies of self-quantification.
This project will conduct an in-depth investigation of the rapidly emerging phenomena of self-quantification whereby individuals track and monitor differing aspects of their bodies and activities for a multitude of purposes. The project will explore specific pursuits and pastimes in which such technologies, apps and techniques are applied in order to examine the implications and changes which have, and are still, occurring. This research will provide important insights concerning the potential uses and benefits of such technologies for wider society - with clear policy-relevant outcomes and ideas for further research.

Partial Scholarship 2: Design-intensive engagements.
This project will explore the growing phenomena of bespoke products designed to enhance the user’s experience of an environment through a given outdoor pursuit. Examples might include the surfboard manufacturing industry (see Warren and Gibson, 2013) in the SW of England and the manufacture of custom road-racing bicycles. This project would look to carry out an in-depth investigation of such bespoke manufacturing, drawing on one or more in-depth case studies to examine its economic geographies, its creative aspects, and people’s emotional attachment to such work.

Those interested in applying for the above scholarships, or those looking to obtain more information, should e-mail Dr. Allan Watson (, Dr. Paul Barratt ( or Prof. Fiona Tweed ( Start dates can be negotiated, and interview dates scheduled accordingly. Ideally, scholarship students will be in place by January 2014.

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