Private Photo of the Day App/Tool?

Hi all,

I have encountered several apps and communities and websites for photos of the day - where you can link a photo to a calendar date and get daily reminders/notifications to take or upload your photo.

However, I am looking for one where the photos remain private. Does anyone know of or use one such app or site?

In short, I am looking to use a daily photo to track changes in my body shape & size, complexion, and other observable physical characteristics over time. But I am not looking to publish my nudes to the web, lol.

Haven’t heard of such an app before. So, I guess the only way to keep your things private is to capture your photos and hang them on your bedroom’s wall. Or, you could just keep them in your smartphone’s or tablet’s gallery, you know.

When it comes to posting your stuff online, there is really no such thing as privacy if you ask me.

In case there is such an app, though, I would really be interested in knowing how it works.