Qbserve – Automatic Private Time Tracker for Mac

Hi! We always wanted a powerful productivity tracker for OS X that doesn’t send our data anywhere. So here’s our app, Qbserve. It gives you instant answers about the way you spend your time by intelligently observing active windows. All the tracked information is stored privately on your machine.

It provides everything you need for seamless time tracking of your life and work:

– automatic productivity tracking for websites and apps
– automatic project tracking based on opened documents and web pages
– invoice generation
– real-time performance feedback and notifications
– various reports and timesheets
– scheduled data export
– Slack team and Skype chat tracking
– many flexible settings to fit your needs

Qbserve got a Timesheet tab in the last update - now there’s a per-minute timeline and a table with all the activities for a day.

Previously we also added export to JSON and CSV and a scheduled export mode.

Is there any documentation/samples of the export format?

Not yet, sorry, we need to update the site completely. Please check the trial.

Partial example of the timesheet export:

"apps" : {
  "15" : {
    "name" : "Safari",
    "bundle" : "com.apple.Safari",
    "category_id" : 16
"activities" : {
  "2379" : {
    "title" : "fastmail.com",
    "source" : "Domain",
    "app_id" : 15,
    "category_id" : 9
"log" : [
    "start_time" : 1483533204,
    "activity_id" : 2379,
    "duration" : 3
    "start_time" : 1483533207,
    "activity_id" : 137,
    "duration" : 3

Thanks; any chance you could add a time zone (or time zone offset) to each log item?

Time is currently recorded in UTC and time zone is not stored. I’ll add it to roadmap to see what can be done there.

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The app now also tracks project time automatically based on opened documents and web pages. Then it can generate invoices from the collected data.