Quantified Self interviews for PhD

Hello everyone!

I’m a PhD student in sociology and as part of a course I’m looking for volunteers for an hour or so interview about the quantified self.

After doing my master thesis on biohacking, I’m interested in the “quantified self”! The aim of my work is to explain the cultural, political and technological conditions that would have allowed the emergence of the quantified self movement and practices.

If you ever want more information don’t hesitate to ask me questions! But it’s quite urgent so please say yes! I don’t bite promise :slight_smile:

Thank you and have a nice day!

An hour is a huge amount of time to ask for. Maybe somebody will think it sounds like fun and will agree to it, but if nobody does, you may want to restructure your fact-finding quest into much smaller chunks, each centered around a single question or narrow area that you announce in advance.

Also, it’s very likely that answers to the majority of your questions already exist out there. I learned most of what I know about the QS community by listening to podcasts. IIRC, it all started for me when I heard an interview with “Quantified Bob” Troia. Duck Duck Go is your friend; it shouldn’t take many searches to find a ton of relevant content.

Hello! Thank you for your answer! I’m sure this answer was written with kindness but if I ask to have an hour interview it’s because I have a methodology to respect! I’m doing a PhD, so I know how to look for a minimum of information online :wink: However, there is some information that I can only get by having a discussion with people because the questions asked have been thought through! But maybe even half an hour would be the minimum! Thanks for the ressources that’s very nice of you and have a nice evening!

Yes, my intention was certainly benign, and I appreciate the fact that you gave me the benefit of the doubt on that. My main concern was that even though I am relatively new to this community, I have already seen at least a couple of instances where someone has prepared a very short questionnaire and asked self-quantifiers here to fill it out. In each case, the researcher who posted it was very disappointed that only two or three people did so. In at least one of those cases, I looked at the questions they had asked. The apparent goal of the questionnaire had been to assess the interests and opinions of the self-quantifier being questioned. That’s fine, but it wouldn’t have brought anything of value to this community. I think that’s why there was just no interest.

Hey Lee,
Glad this popped back up. I was going to volunteer, then it slipped off my screen. I feel it’s very important to get the quantified self phenomenon into the literature. When do you want to do this? I’m in the US and on Eastern Standard TIme. You can contact me directly (in case I don’t see this thread again) at schladen@cua.edu.