"Quantified Self is Back, Baby!"

The healthcare newsletter “Out of Pocket”, in its prognostications for 2022, is predicting a big year for quantified self business models:

2022 Healthcare Predictions

3) Levels for X

Levels has taken a novel wedge into healthcare by taking medical-grade devices, opening a new market for these manufacturers by selling them to healthy people, and building hardware + software that people love using a la Peloton, Whoop, etc. I think this playbook will be used by more health hardware companies trying to build general consumer brands that want to help people optimize different things. I talked about things like Levels for breathing and could see it for blood pressure as well. This might make medical device investing more palatable to investors, especially new types of consumer investors. Quantified self is back baby.

This linked newsletter issue covers several QS applications for breathing, including monitoring air quality, oxygenation, and lung sounds:

Air Quality, Breathing, and Health

This feels like advertisement.

Yes, agree, this would often be flagged if dropped in the middle of an active discussion of tools and methods but posts like this are typically well tolerated in the “Research and Media” category.