Quantifying Metabolism with Kenkodo

Hi everyone,

I just want to let you know about our project that is currently running on Indiegogo!

Kenkodo is a revolutionary concept to measure your complete metabolism by a single drop of blood. The platform is build on metabolomics, a technology capable of measuring hundreds to thousands of metabolites. Kenkodo combines modern analytics with individual lifestyles and identifies patterns related to nutrition, stress, sleep, sport and health. It provides insights and recommendations for optimal and beneficial lifestyle changes.

We will start with the development of Kenkodo if our campaign ends successfully on March 31st. http://igg.me/at/kenkodo

I’d be happy to see you back as a participant!

Thank you,
Marleen from Metabolomic Discoveries GmbH in Berlin, Germany

PS We would also be happy to talk about our Kenkodo project at your QS Show & Tell. Just let me know (if outside of Europe we could arrange a video call). Marleen@kenko.do