Radiology imaging data

wondering if anybody has been exploring their imaging data. i’ve taken a dicom files and am trying to figure out a way to integrate them into pain issues i’m tracking. i converted mri dicom data to jpeg planes and have explored some various manipulations using max/msp/jitter. i would like to create a 3d body atlas that i can update without too great an effort, pain and imaged structures can be associated to snomed concept ids. there are dicom to mesh converters which i have not yet messed with, not sure if 2D limited angle views would be better to start with as i’d like this to be able to run in html5/canvas.

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Hi Jim, I know it has been a few weeks since your post, but I thought about you when I saw this story:

Tell me what you think.

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i think it’s awesome, thanks for sharing. the amount of data to explore especially serial MRIs is intense. interesting to see the variability of normal for imaging. there was a report not long ago that showed variability in images based on browsers used by radiologists. my goal with imaging is to move the images to patients, in particular ones that show pathology, without the tedium of obtaining disks or having to download proprietary visualizing software.
a fundamental belief i have is that as we increase the beauty of the systems that we use to capture data the greater the likelihood of participation.