Recommended food tracking apps?

I am helping beta test a new speech based food diary for iOS:

I also just published a new flavor of my own quick entry diary/tracker for Android:

I like my own tracker a lot because it basically allows you to rate each entry as helpful or harmful and you can track stats on that. I basically label fruits, veggies and lean proteins as helpful and high glycemic, high sodium or fried foods as harmful. I like mine too because it launches and exits pretty fast. You can also use it to track daily parameters like #weight, #systolic etc…

The CoCo app should be more useful to me after it is ported to Android. It uses Nutritionix’s database right now but the Apple speech recognition API needs a little improvement.

@mookiebearapps: Thanks for the info about coco. I can’t use the other because I am a mac/iOS person right now.

Just as another data point for your logging, lots of fruit is high glycemic for me. I’ve been wearing a glucose monitor. Here’s the BG graph of me eating an apple. I started eating where the first box on the left is:

I need to test berries!

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Thank you @JessicaK for reviving this thread - you are right, it’s time to find out what people are using now, it’s been a long time and a lot has changed. I’ll tweet this request out from the QS account and maybe we’ll find some new tools.

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@Agaricus: Thank you!

I’m a huge fan of Cronometer. It takes time to build the food tracking habit, but their food database is so high quality. I love it

I get pretty frustrated with MyFitnessPal: it just seems their data entry could be streamlined a lot more. I even made my own voice clipboard app so that I could jot stuff down and later paste it into MFP.

Interestingly the new CoCo app lets you paste in huge strings so you could paste in your whole day in one big sentence. It usually still needs some edits though.

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Loseit was mentioned twice in the Twitter replies.

@Agaricus: I actually had downloaded LoseIt years ago–I’m looking now and I don’t see timestamps–which I realize not everyone may care about. But I do :slight_smile: I can’t remember why I stopped using it then.

@quantifiedketonian: I’ve been trying Cronometer for a couple days now. It does look good for a lot of things. I do have to go to Gold version to get the time stamps, but that’s okay. The organization seems to leave a lot to be desired. It dumps all my data on one diary page? (Like if I have it sync’ed with other apps.) I saw I could make groups, but I still have to scroll through them all? I can’t, say, hide a group’s entries? Weird to me that it’d work that way, so maybe I’m missing something. But the database is great and very detailed, and the interface to create recipes was pretty nice. Oh, and I really liked the ability to easily change units (like from grams to ounces to cups or tablespoons or whatever.) It has a lot of options that way.

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Just a side comment to say what you’re doing is so cool! But that’s not much a spike… btw, here’s me eating an apple:

Right now I’m tracking everything manually, but I too would like a time-stamp.

I am a fitness trainer. I use a tracker that tracks weight and calories. But I would like to find a tracker that will help regulate the consumption of my calories and advise how to distribute them. During work I often have to advise people of a diet for weight loss. It would be nice if the tracker could tell the user - you exceeded your calorie intake, use this diet . Or, for example, a user could get advice on nutrition or exercise at his request. If you already know such a tracker - please advise me.

For timestamped food tracking, check out @QuantifiedBob’s meal tracking app. It’s still missing some features like data export, but it’s getting there…

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I use a very expensive diet advice app called RP Diet. It stands for Renaissance Periodization. They have three diet types: fat loss, muscle gain, and maintenance. They tell you exactly how many macros to eat for each meal, and it allows allows you to pick from a (fairly finite) list of foods. You cannot scan your own, etc. It’s really not a tracker. But it will tell you how much egg whites to eat to meet your goal of 25g protein. Screens for meals look like this:

The really cool thing it does–it changes macro/food recommendations based on your goals. And you can see what it’s going to do on its “progress” screen. I’m trying to lose weight, so mine looks like this:

If the weekly average of my weights don’t stay at or below the green line, the app cuts my macros :slight_smile: So that’s my favorite diet advice app.

(The app is new. They used to have “paper templates,” so I’ve used them for a about a year. I’ve done a cut, gain, and maintenance and now cutting again. I think RP is great. I use their powerlifting and physique templates as well. No app for those yet!)

But the RP Diet app really doesn’t track. I recently started using Cronometer to track, but, in some ways, MyNetDiary might be more what you want. Here’s a screen shot of what I think you might like in MyNetDiary:

I thought you might like the green bar around the apple. That shows how close I am to my target. You can include (or not) the calories you burned exercising if you have linked to an exercise tracker. It shows nice calorie totals by meal, and you can get all sorts of nutrient info as well. But–its advice is purely in the form of static articles. It has a kind of related feature–you can scan items and it will recommend a “better” option. I chose the diabetes version because I was using it to track my blood glucose, so I’m not sure if the standard version has that feature. It’s meant to be used while you’re shopping.

(And, oh, why can’t I resize these?? In preview they look fine!)

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bob’s app not available on ggl play

So what is the best food tracking app if I want export with time stamps? Android. Lookup based on UPC barcode but can select via search in which ranks higher items user uses alot. Works fine offline. No recurrent payment for, critical to me, features. Allows notes and quantity in servings, grams volume. Includes nutrition in export. Would be nice if it could be read directly by zenobase or or the like. Allow custom data base entries even if they are not uploaded. Analysis, recommendation, summary etc not useful to me though others want it. Now I use mysymptoms though it has no nutrition info at all.

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I can not find the timestamps in mynetdiary android nor the export

Most food tracking apps have the ability to retrieve nutritional info via text search, barcode scan or recent favorites. Barcode search never works offline but typing search and ‘favorites’ do. Fewer work offline. Only a handful of apps have time stamping.

I have three options. Write code over OFF or USDA database using Automate, IFTTT or Waistline. The database may be out of date but it will never cease to exist, require internet or spy on user. Unfortunately this will require lots of work.

Pay 40$ per year for mfp. Chronometer without offline logging is useless in too many cases. I would be willing to pay 40$ for this product but not ‘per year’ partly because its guaranteed to change or even die at some point. So no, not really.

Or just use bitesnap. This would be the easy choice, but OFF database is way more detailed and I am afraid of Terminator models with better food identification algorithms.

‘y’ means Yes, has feature. ‘n’ means does not. ’ ’ is same as ‘n’. ‘p’ means feature requires membership. ‘w’ means the feature exists but is not as good as a ‘y’. ‘?’ means I do not know.

name; search fave/recent barcode ; offline ; quantity timestamp notes export ; detailnutrition serv.choiceselect customfood ; addwater
SparklePeople; y y y ; ; y n n p ; y n y ; y
-----------looseit; y y y ;y; y n n y ; w n ? ; p
------fooducate; y y y ; ; y n n p ; y n y ; n
----cronometer; y y y ; ; y p - p ; y y y ; n
--------fatsecret; y y w ; ; y n n ? ; y y n ; w
–myfitnesspal; y y y ;w; y p - w ; y y y ; y
—eathismuch; w y w ; ; y n ? ? ; w y y ; n
—mynetdairy; y y y ;y; y n n ? ; y y y ; w
------bitesnap; w y y ;y; y y y y ; y y n ; w
glucosebuddy; w y y ; ; ? y n n ; y y n ; n
my diet diary; w y n ;w; y n n ? ; y y y ; y
------MyPlate; y y y ;w; y n n ? ; w n y ; ?
—smartplate; y y y ; ; n n n ? ; n n ? ; ?

openfoodfacts; y y y ; ; n n n y ; y y y ; n most detailed database
has “share” option maybe just export to txt editor and automatically timestamp?
waistline calorie tracker FOSS. Exports. unfortunately no timestamp and reduced nutrition details. faves offline.
YAZIO Lifesum nutritionixTrack no timestamp and I am tired. Feels like most of these apps are clones. I guess shuffling the data through 3rd part apps could eventually get it into a csv but researching that is too hard. Apps could queue entries offline then later search.
webmd no longer tracks food? discontinued

I think I got every app on android and a few online.
oops. HealthWatch 360 no timestamps.
People at openfoodfacts suggested cc calorie counter but CC does not have timestamps nor does it have much nutritional detail or exporting. Also nutrition by curlybrace and

Hey, just letting you know the app is available (once again) on Google Play:

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Does your app: Export? Work offline? Track micronutrients? Timestamp? Search using barcode?

@rain8dome9 Wow thank you for that list!

MyNetDiary does have timestamps. I may have bought the “diabetes tracker” version. You do have to upgrade to “Max” to get the export. But when you do that, you can export data.

It also has a decent apple watch interface, which is unusual, I think. Not so important to me, but kinda cool.

If User forgot to log a snack at the time U ate it. Can User edit timestamps in app? Could you show a few lines of export? Max Membership is 10usd per 3 months or 40 usd per year just like mfp.


Wearable Fitness Trackers

MyNetDiary provides very robust and comprehensive sync with Fitbit, Garmin and Withings. We are adding Misfit in the nearest future. As MyNetDiary can track food time, it can send more accurate food information to them than other diet apps. When compared to MyFitnessPal, MyNetDiary sends all foods, all nutrients (not just summaries), and also it properly timestamps them. Once you setup the link, you won’t have to do anything else, no sync buttons to push, no apps to launch, the sync will be automatic. Your MyNetDiary mobile app will be getting the information, too.

More than four meals?

MyNetDiary tracks up to four meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

If you eat more meals and would like to track them, you can do this by turning on Track Time option in MyNetDiary settings. You would be able to keep time of each food, so if you have several snacks a day, they’ll have different timestamps.

Daily reports will show snacks grouped separately based on timestamps, in-between main meals. Also, the iPhone app will show snack carbs separately grouped if you have “Show Carbs” option on.

I use Yazio for quite some time now. I searched for a good app to start tracking and I stuck with this one because it seemed easy to use. It has all the features I need: bar code scanning, great database, meal plans and recipes. Data export is no problem. Can’t do without it now :thumbsup:
I also synced my fitbit, so all activities are logged, as well. Comparing to other apps I find Yazio also very accurate. Adding food and meals is no problem and the interface is very clear. Definitely recommended: