Recruiting CGM users for paid study

Hi Everyone! My name is Kate, I was part of the original product team for the Basis Band.

My new startup is building an app that uses CGM data to personalize a diet protocol and make losing weight easier.

Right now, we’re running studies to get feedback on our early designs. If selected, you will get a $50 gift card for each session. Sessions will take place online, no travel or in-person contact required.

If you have used CGM to try to optimize your diet, please apply for our study HERE


I don’t have a CGN monitor, but If I received one I would participate in the study :smiley:

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I’ll remember you said that :slight_smile:

I too don’t have a CGM, but would participate in your study if I did. As someone who is looking at optimizing my diet it certainly would be interesting if not useful information.
I suspect even the order that you consume food will impact the results (fats first may lower carb absorption rate?).
This CGM Experiment looked interesting!
If only they had a similar Continuous Insulin Monitor for consumers!
Good luck


There’s definitely quite a few tips and tricks out there regarding macronutrients, ordering, timing, etc. But impossible to know how big the effect would be for a given person without actually trying and measuring.

I’ll keep you in mind for later :slight_smile:

I came to this discussion late, but I too am on board for a CGM device to monitor glucose. I am fully prepared to share all data, and since my meals and snacks are so regimented, I can track for weeks to look into other variables aside from food choices and timing (such as sleep, mood, type of workout that day, HRV…etc.). Thank you.

I would also be willing to do the same.

This is super late but I have a cgm and would be willing to participate.