Request: Help with data tracking survey creation

I’m hoping to find a few QS’ers to review a survey I’m putting together on personal data tracking trends and benefits/short-comings. Normally, I’m pretty good with building surveys but there’s a long history to personal data tracking and I’m not confident about my wording in some cases. More importantly, I don’t have a full range of knowledge when it comes to all the aspects of personal data collection, storage, analysis, issues, privacy, etc. and I’m worried that I may have gaps in some of my option lists.

If you’re willing to take a look and offer some feedback, please let me know.

Much appreciated,

There seems to be at least one such survey request every week… So in order to overcome people’s survey fatigue, be sure to explain what you’re hoping to learn, and state when and where you plan to share the results!

Will do!

I’m still finalizing the survey (and still looking for input from long-time self-trackers) but questions I’m hoping to explore are along the following lines:

  • what types of tracking are most useful / have the biggest positive impacts?

  • how prevalent / significant are any negative aspects of data tracking

  • what are the main motivations for data tracking and which have the most/best benefits?

  • does sharing data increase or decrease the perception of it’s value?

  • how much value is there in just collecting data vs collecting and analysing?

  • do people derive more satisfaction from tracking over long periods of time or does interest wane?

  • how worried are people about their data being lost/stolen/exposed?

  • at what point does adding an additional metric to track have diminishing returns?

Results will be published on and (at a minimum).

I’m hoping to have personalized results on as well but that’s still being worked out.

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