Rest in peace, Seth

It is with shock and sadness that that we share the news of our moderator Seth Roberts passing away this weekend. Our condolences go to his sister Amy and his family.

Seth was an active member and moderator of the forum, and he last posted a mere week ago.

Hopefully Seth’s work will survive on his blog and elsewhere. Here are Seth’s posts on the Quantified Self Forum.

The news is very sad. There a question of what conclusions we draw from this episode. Maybe our data just isn’t good enough as a proxy for health measurements.

I’m so sorry to hear this sudden and tragic news. Seth’s independence, interest in helping others, and willingness to share his skills influenced our meetings in ways that become all the more vivid to me as I try to adjust to the fact of his death. Below is a photo of Seth speaking at the first QS meetup, in 2008.

Sad news, and my condolences to Seth’s family.

Without Seth, n=0 :frowning:

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