Separation of cloud vs local storage?

I’d love to start measuring everything I can about myself, but I’m a fan of privacy and trying to keep my information out of the cloud. Where would I go for a list of apps (phone, desktop/laptop) that keep the data on the local device?

Excel is the one that immediately jumps to my mind. Is there anything in particular you want to start measuring?

I’m mostly interested in a list of all of my options! I’d like to measure all-the-things as long as only I get the data!

I struggled with the offline vs cloud issue for 6 months while I built my “track all the things” app I call Nomie. I’d be curious to hear what you think about it

I’m about to roll out beta 2 which is completely removed Beta 1’s need for “the cloud”. Now, it’s offline first option of syncing with any couchdb compliant server.

Hey Guys,
@vancityboi, I know how you feel. I wanted to buy a tracker even before they we’re available, but I never got around to do so because of my privacy concerns. Finally, when Snowdan came through last year, I got even more paranoid. I turnend back to using (mostly) linux pcs, tweaked my phone for more privacy and begun using encryption where I could. But would love to track myself anyway! To my latest knowledge, there is only one tracker on the (German) market, that doesnt require mandatory cloud access to store data. But this one doesnt let you export data from the phone. Do you know of any other hardware trackers or Android apps?

@domainkiller, I love your app, I just wanted to sign up for beta and than I saw that it seems to be iOS exclusive… Is there a chance for an Android version in the future?

Thanks for the kind words @ebivan! I’m curious what gave you the impression it’s iOS only? It’s available for both iOS and Android but still closed beta - signup at

Actually, just the screenshots :wink:
Signing up now!

I checked it twice, still cant find the Signup on this page:

Have a look at Cozy, a personal cloud that allows you to manage web apps on your own box (server).

Among the available applications, there are Konnectors which fetch data from external vendors (Jawbone, RescueTime, Github, etc.) and Kyou an app to display and compare the data stored in your Cozy (+some basic tracking utilities).

Today, we focus more on non-QS apps like contacts, calendars, emails and file manager. But, once we’ll be satisfied by that one, we’ll be back on improving data visualization and data collecting. Building a coach on top of it will sound logical too.

About privacy, the idea is to run Cozy on your own hardware, so you are in total control. Moreover you can observe any stored data in a raw way via the Databrowser application.

We can provide a free online instance (a Virtual Private Server) if you want to try it.