Simple online service to upload various data

Does anyone use a service to upload all the data that’s generated by various qs activities (mainly body info, heart rate, steps, sleep etc)?

I’m kinda bored by different devices producing different csv files, and my various other data sitting in places that I need to login separately. I am trying to get a simple visualization of how things are going over time.

I’ve checked Withings Cloud and MS Healthvault but both seemed to be more suited for infrequent data points (I could be wrong). I’ve seen a new service being mentioned in the forum but it’s not open yet.

Any info would be appreciated.

You should check out the BodyTrack project:

They’re non-commercial, have a lot of development activity going on, and do the best arbitrary timescale data aggregation for whatever data streams you need. Great graphs.

Thanks so much for sharing Nick, this is more or less what I was looking for. Many things in alpha but encouraging to know about the development activity.

I think a lot of people are looking for a secure central repository/dashboard for their self-tracking data, rather than having the data scattered in silos owned by the monitoring device makers. I sure am looking. For now, I keep data on my own PC.

I have looked at MS HealthVault, but found the data structures somewhat predetermined (although they say they can be extended). And of course, there are concerns about a large for-profit corporation being the custodian for this kind of extremely sensitive personal data.

Here are some other repository/dashboard projects I find interesting and promising:
[]locker project
] project

None of these are road-ready. Maybe the QS community will take on this challenge. Good luck to you!

Thanks for sharing the projects Mark. It’s also good to know that I’m not alone :slight_smile: that Nick suggested is also a good one to follow (IMO).