Skin conductance

Are there any on the market devices right now measuring skin conductance that are priced for consumers?

I know about mybasis, but it isn’t out yet and seems unclear when it wil be released.

There seem to be a lot of prototypes out there, but not much for sale.

From my googling I’ve found some which are for sale, but way out of my price range:
-Affectiva Q sensor: $2000
-Sternal Skin Conductance Recorder: Was unable to get a price quote. My email from October was never responded to
-Bahr Hot Flash Skin Conductance Monitor: $790+
-Stress Detector:8,000+ euro

Any leads?

The only other two that I know of are the BodyMedia Fit and WildDivine Iom. Neither of these are likely what your looking for though; the BodyMedia Fit is really just for calorie tracking and the Iom is really just for meditation/bio-feedback. (Although there still both pretty cool)

I had the chance to see the Q Sensor in person at the Boston Meetup and was quite impressed, but I think I’ll wait a little bit longer for the Basis and save about $1700.

There’s always this:


Might be worth exploring these people: Wild Divine - as mentioned above by Ryan, but I think you can do more with it than it might seem at first sight.

It all looks a bit new-agey when you get there but I’ve ordered from them in the past, and have their (GSR) galvanic skin response apparatus which didn’t cost a fortune. I was also able to download some software from them that creates a realtime GSR graph on my Mac.

It’s all packaged up as a kind of biofeedback application, but you can (or could) choose to ignore that and just use the hardware and the charting package.

Sorry this is slightly vague, but it was a while ago. It’s probably not incredibly accurate but a psychologist friend was pretty impressed at what you get for the price.

Wow - that’s so cool! Except - that the page they link to( has a 404 Not Found error. :frowning:

I know, I saw that, too! I think it was a student project hosted at a temporary location. Somebody should track down the inventor…

Not sure if anyone here is still monitoring this thread, but seeing as how Basis still isn’t out, I figure this is still relevant.

I used the Wayback Machine at to view the Lego GSR Sensor instructions, and when I did I found this website which is the original site’s content and is still live:

It also includes a download for the code that the guy wrote to process the data using the Lego NXT Mindstorms base set ( updated link to NXT Mindstorms kit that he used: ). Due to the cost of the NXT Base Set, it’s still not what I consider in the consumer “affordable” range (sub-$200), but it’s certainly close.