Sleep monitor recomendations for research on sleep in hospitals


I am lookning for hardware/software to monitor sleep.

We are doing a research project about how to help patients sleep better during their stay in hospitals.

The research question is based on a recent study, in which nearly 50 % of patients asked pointed to sleep as their main problem/inconvenience (besides their illness) during hospitalization. The aim of the project is therefore to help our patients sleep better, as sleep is important for recovery and health.

I turn to this forum for inspiration for the tracking part of the project. It is important the the hardware/software is reliable and the is does not disturb the patient when wearing it.

Do you have any recomendations?

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Hi Camilla,
Our medical office uses the SNAP sleep machine to monitor sleep. It is an approved system for testing for sleep apnea. Not sure if it is too cumbersome for your purposes.

You can register your interest for Bedscales here

‘Bedscales’ is very interesting.

Where can I get some more information?

Specs, costs, data safety etc. We need this for at research project, so the measurement accuracy etc. needs to be good enough for scientific purposes.

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Hi Camilla,
We have a contacless radarbased solution for sleep and respiration, currently conducting trials at a hospital in the Netherlands
Plse look at