Sleep tracking for new parents


I used to track my sleep every night and it was great :slight_smile:
I had a baby recently and, as you can expect, my sleep pattern has changed a lot!

Are you aware of any tools/apps to track sleep that account for waking up in the middle of the night, regularly? and stay up for, sometimes, an hour?

I feel I’m missing an important dataset of my life, one that greatly influences many other aspects of it!
I was using Sleep Cycle for iOS and used Sleep as Android in the past (which I shouldn’t have stopped tbh!).

Apparently I now suddenly fall into deep sleep for an hour at times… haha


Which tools/apps can’t handle waking up in the middle of the night for an hour?

Sleep as Android mentions that polyphasic sleep is not a problem.

Maybe I missed something but got the impression it still separates into different sleep nights
Currently using sleep cycle, maybe should go back to android.

Haven’t used Sleep Cycle, but most of the tools/apps I’m familiar with just add up all the sleep over a 24h period (starting at noon).

If you get up frequently, a device that detects when you go to bed (and when you get up) might be convenient.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I would suggest Beddit.

The things that it has going for it is that, since it detects your presence through the strip affixed to your mattress, you can get up repeatedly, and it will track when you are actually asleep. One thing that is useful is that each time you get up and get back into bed, it will show how long it takes to fall back to sleep.

It gives you a sleep score that adds up all time slept during the day, including naps. It shows the time that you sleep in a nice timeline format that I think would work with your situation.

In addition to time slept, it tracks respiration rate and heart rate, which I find to be interested. With both of those, it will tell you if last night’s metric was more or less than “usual”. While vague, I find it to be interesting feedback.

The cons for Beddit include that fact that it doesn’t have in-depth data on your sleep phases. It has a visualization that shows when you “dip” into deep sleep but that’s it. There is no metric for how long you’ve been in deep sleep.

Your phone’s app (android and iPhone) has to be open and actively measuring sleep. Even though it can still measure in the background, if you use your phone while doing parenting duties, this could introduce complications (since the app is seems more likely to crash when it is running in the background).

Another con would be that Beddit has no meaningful data export, but since Beddit connects to Apple Healthkit, you can use the QS Data Access app to get your sleep data out.

This is based on my personal experience. Another tool that is similar that you may want to look into is Withings Aura.

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btw Beddit now has an API. How long have you used yours? Any issues with accurately detecting when you go to bed, and when you get up? I’m thinking about using the latest 20% off coupon from BB&B to get one :slight_smile: