Smarter Time : automatic time tracking

Fellow QSers,

You might have met us at QSEU2015, or through our website. Well, our public beta on Android is available at last!

Smarter Time is the first detailed automatic time tracking application. It gives you a detailed timeline of your locations and activities, and you need not spend more than 1 min per day using it, whenever you want. We have been working in the spirit of previous discussions or tools from the QS community.

How does it work ?

  • it aggregates all accurate sources of information in a coherent history : moves, phone apps, computer apps, calendar events
  • it learns your location with room-level accuracy (it can tell when you’re in your kitchen, bedroom, living room, although the feature is only available in big cities so far) and recognizes places from public databases.
  • it learns your habits to guess what you are likely doing depending on the context

Smarter Time is privacy first, we have a server backup in the works, but you can opt to keep everything on your phone only. Your full data can always be exported from the app as a csv file. We will build an API to make data analysis and automation even easier.

Coming soon :

  • computer client on Windows and OSX to gather computer activities
  • higher level analysis tools (like work/life balance and focus)

At this stage, your feedback is the most important thing to us. Whether you are an Android user and are willing to try the app out, or you’re an iOS user and you agree to speak to us about your time tracking, you can help us make our app into the tool that we all need! So please if you’re interested, give us a shout either on this forum, or through our website, or by email at hello at