Something for simple tallies and graphs on Android?


I know TapLog is long dead and this probably gets asked a lot but is there something on Android for tracking frequency and scales? An Android version of Daytum. For example, to track the number of arguments I had today or satisfaction with my work from 1 to 5.


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Hi @Kyrill_Potapov,

You can track these with Track & Analyze, you can check out the app If you have any difficulties setting it up I can can help you with this.

Happy tracking :slight_smile:

Thanks Valentin, looks cool!

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Our nonprofit built a mobile app Best Life Health Diary on apple and android that allows users to track anything as an Event, add notes and manual measurements like blood pressure and integrate with apple health kit, google fit, Fitbit, and other data providers.

We also use a mood scale (1-5) with a stress scale (goldilocks style) to capture your specific stress trends, whether good or bad.

I find this app more helpful than apps like Daylio and other mood/tally trackers due to the capability to see my manually entered data alongside health vitals, environmental data, and things like social/web activity from google and Facebook.

It has a web dashboard that allows different data takeouts to be uploaded and compared to your other data.

Whatever you choose, just be wary of how your data ends up being used or resold. We’re a nonprofit because it protects end-users information as a donor-related asset. This prevents your information from being resold as a “legitimate business interest” or passed to another hand due to a business acquisition. Not many data aggregation software can say as much.


It’s a nice app but the two field analysis option just cycles me through “pick first field” over and over

Hi Kyrill,

This shouldn’t be the case. Maybe you get confused because you see the field selected on step 1 again in step 2, but you can actually create a two field analysis with the same field in order to see if values of today affect values of tomorrow. Here is a video how I create a two field analysis, hope this helps Dropbox - Two field analysis creation.MP4 - Simplify your life.
Anyways if it doesn’t work like this on your side, I will appreciate seeing a video so that I can report the issue to our devs. Thanks :slight_smile:

Here’s what’s happening with it

Much appreciated, I managed to recreate the bug and forwarded to the devs, will let you know as soon as the issue is fixed.

In the meantime, I found that I can create the two field analysis when logged it, but I cannot when I am not logged in, not 100% sure if this is the issue, but you can try logging in if you want.

Ok great cheers

Hi Kyrill, the issue should be fixed in the latest update released earlier today.

If you need any other assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Cheers and happy tracking :slight_smile:

Thanks Valentin! That works well. Now I can recommend your app (as well as Best Life Health Diary) in my PhD on self-tracking, which I’m just concluding now.


For people who stumble upon this thread in future here is the list: Tools to survey symptoms and states - Personal Science Wiki

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Thank you! I’d love to read it whenever it is available. Your insights would be invaluable to provide to other software users.

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