Student looking for answers about how YOU track your day!

Hey there!
My name is Stine and I’m a Norwegian student writing my MA about technology and society, where my topic is the quantified-self movement and the digital economy. I hope you guys out there can take a few seconds to tell me something about yourself! And - I apologise for the long text…

I have a few questions and would appreciate it if you took the time to answer. I am a tracker myself, always wearing my Polar Vantage V-watch and loving how much information I gain about my body and myself through this practice. This is the main reason why I chose to write my thesis about the QS, because I have positive experience with the tracking practice.

So, the questions:

First; How do you track and why? (Like what technology do you use to track)

Second; How much do you value the information you gain from tracking practices? (For instance; Is the information you gain through tracking more valuable to you than the technological object itself? I think in economical terms here, where technology (smartwatches, wristbands, other wearables) might be expensive, but the information/knowledge gained through them could perhaps be “more” valuable for you a a user than the monetary expenses)

Third; How do you understand the data coming from your tracking device? Do you think it is positive to see your body in a “numerical form” or do you think it might imply some problems? Please elaborate!

If you want to contribute to my masters in a more extensive way, feel free to email me:
Thank you so much in advance. If you wish to be anonymous, I will of course edit your name in my thesis.

Sincerely, Stine