The Distance between Vision and Execution

Hey guys,

I introduced myself a few months ago, and have been lurking since then. Many of you have a lot of experience with quantified-self and I feel like this forum has been a great resource.

To cut to the chase: I’ve been working on an app with a few friends of mine. We made it quite far, and never got any users or any meaningful feedback. We had a grand vision of a platform where you could create custom trackers, connect to existing services and wearables, generate dashboards for relevant aspects of your life, and find insights about your data. We wanted to create something where you could customize however you wanted, share custom trackers / dashboards / analyses. We even thought of crazier ideas like creating communities where people could share data about a particular topic (e.g. a community of people on the Paleo diet). We wanted to do so much… but we couldn’t decide what features to focus on because we weren’t sure what potential users would want and what they wouldn’t care about. We never posted anything about it here or anywhere else out of a fear that, without crucial features, the app would be dismissed.

It’s time to throw fear out of the window. We decided to start over. This time we want to focus on getting feedback from the start and building something that you guys find useful, helpful, or fun.

I just wanted to share our story, as a word of caution and possibly a kernel of inspiration. I would ask some questions, but I’d rather get to know you guys. I want to hear your story (especially if you’re in Chicago).


If you’re curious, here’s the old app: Sitrus. If you want to try it out and give us some feedback, that would be really awesome!

Here is a screenshot from the app with some of my Variables.