Timeline Applications for Windows

I’m looking for recommendations for visual timeline applications for Windows. I’ve been inspired by the MyLifeBits project and have been collecting personal data for over years. I’m looking for a way to bring all of that data together. The bits I’ve collected include photos, journal entries, bills, vacations, medical records, employment information, personal notes, web history, financial history, and more.
Ideally, I’d like to also bring information from Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Photos, Google maps and location services and then organize them locally on my PC rather than storing sensitive information in the cloud.
Is anyone using software similar to MyLifeBits that can recommend something to try?

Also interesting to know better ways of displaying timeline on the screen. First, what comes to my mind, is to divide the screen into decks, each will represent a time period like month or year. But downside is that it’s harder to compare values on the different decks. Another way is to shrink the whole timeline to the width of the screen, but dynamically expand the focused part. Then it’s possible to compare all the values along the time, but not all of the details will be visible simultaneously.
The problem of visualizing one-dimensional data is important, imho.