Timer/logger/tracker--what kind of gadget am I looking for?

Hi, I’d like to record every time I yawn! By pushing a button on a device and having a downloadable file. Any ideas? If I have to, I’ll make an Arduino dealybob. Seems like this should exist, but it’s deucedly hard to Google–the results are all flooded with timesheet results. Thanks!

I went to a QS meetup in the Bay Area where one speaker tracked something very similar - sneezing! I can’t find a video of it now, but I do remember asking him, “So, can you sneeze on command?”

It was beetween 8 and 4 months ago, if that timeframe helps. It think it was in SF.

Ah, thanks, found Thomas Blomseth’s talk and their app, MyMee. That’s *exactly *what I want to do. I’m without a smart phone, so I guess I’m looking for some dedicated hardware.

Hi, all–I got a smart phone and found the Android app [color=#3366ff]Event Logger[/color], which is dead simple for logging the exact time of each of four different event types–the only drawback is no way to pull the list off as text. I left feedback for him. [color=#3333ff]WhenDidI [/color]does too much and it baffled me. Anybody know of any others? Surely biological field work needs to log times occasionally. Thanks!

Hi Tom,

Hi Tom,

I’m building 1self.co which is a flexible platform to let you log all sorts of different things.

I’ve created a super simple web page at http://yawn.1self.co/ that will let you record your yawns. We don’t have an export function yet but if you get in touch we’d be happy to email you your data any time you like.

The chart lets you view a week’s worth of data but we’re working on that right now so that you’ll be able to see more of your data and trend lines and so forth.

If you actually want a physical button then perhaps you should get a flic. :slight_smile:

Hope that’s of some use!