[ToS] MyFitnessPal

Terms: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/welcome/terms_of_use
Privacy: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/welcome/privacy_policy

1. Can you control who has access to your data?

You grant MyFitnessPal a “perpetual” and “irrevocable” license to your data, including for advertising and publicity, and MyFitnessPal “may publish […] your name”. MyFitnessPal also “shares anonymized and Demographic Data with its advertisers and marketing partners”.

2. Can you export your data?

Only through their (invite-only) API. :frowning:

3. Can you close your account?

You can close your account, but what data is retained is not clear :frowning:

4. Can the terms change without prior notice?

“MyFitnessPal reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to add to, update, change or modify this Privacy Policy, simply by posting such update, change or modification on this page.” :frowning:

5. Can I trust them to keep my data secure?

MyFitnessPal uses a secure connection (HTTPS), but only for signing in. :frowning:

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Has anyone found a way to get MyFitnessPal data? I want to play with mine.


Hey Eric,

I copied the data that you can get from their PDF-reports into a csv-file. But I did that manually, thus takes some time. There are some other ways now like this, but I haven’t tried that. Let me know what you decide.

Good luck!
Justin Timmer

i’ve been making monthly exports using the following tool.

While i find these terms oppressive, the are also common, and the only other even potential contender for the level of detail and backend database of pre-tracked foods would be LoseIt. How is LoseIt’s Tos by comparison? Until somone makes something like the libre.fm of food databases, our choices are limited. :disappointed: