Tracking air quality

I’ve had a Netatmo indoor weather station in the bedroom for the past few years, which has given me a rough idea how fast CO2 builds up when the windows are kept closed, and how fast the levels drop back down when the windows are left open, under different conditions.

I also have a small air purifier, and would like to get an idea how long it should be run at what intensity, and when it’s even worth using (if at all). Unfortunately, the Netatmo does not measure particulates in the air.

Somewhat related, I’d like to know how effective the car’s cabin air filter is over its lifetime, and under what situations it’s better to recirculate air (trading off particulates for stale air).

So I’m looking for a device that can measure both how stale the air is (CO2 or VOC) and what the concentration of particulates in the air is (PM2.5, maybe PM1.0 and PM10), and that is portable enough to be carried along into the car. Some devices I’ve come across:

  1. IQAir AirVisual Pro measures PM2.5 and CO2, exports data, is somewhat portable, and has been shipping for a while now.
  2. Plume 2 measures PM1, PM2.5, PM10, NO2, and VOC, exports data, is very portable, and just started shipping recently.
  3. Wynd Halo measures PM1, PM2.5, PM10, CO2, and VOC, is somewhat portable, and claims to be shipping (though some customers claim otherwise, and I’ve seen no proper reviews yet). Also, not sure about data export (waiting to hear back from them).

Does anyone here have experience with any of these devices? Or are there other devices I should be considering?

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Heard back from Wynd: no data export, at the moment.

I’ve seen some presentations using DIY particulate sensors, like this one: Is that too much hassle?

Could be a fun project, but the soldering iron can’t be good for the air quality :slight_smile:

I spoke at the QS conference a few years back (maybe there’s video?) about an air quality sensor I built via - that project is dead but you can just copy the plans and order the sensors/arduino.

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Also, I have recently been using the Flow device by Plume Labs as a personal air quality device - it can be attached to your bag/backpack, clothing, etc. and their app can combine air quality data with location so you can do interesting things like map the air quality around town (great for avoiding high pollution areas while running/biking, etc.)

Thanks, just placed an order for the Flow 2.

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